Wednesday 25 May 2011

Confirmed Runners to date 25th May 2011

Leg 1

Martin Hollroyd, Paul Aitken, Scott Newburn & Sam the Dog


Mark Rowley, Matt Richardson


Ken Robinson, Ian Harland, Ed Poulter


Rhys Watkins, Sam Watson, Peter Keron, Tony Shanley

Leg 5

Paul Aitken, Chris Wood, Scott Newburn, Rachel Platt
possibe Rhys Watkins & Tony Shanley

Other Support

Rachel Platt - at all stops

Alan Stockdale- Rossett Gill area with extra supplies

Alan Scowcroft- Broadstand with rope

Drew Holland- Gable area (to be decided) with supplies

I will add names to this as I recieve notification

all are welcome at any stage


The Broughton Riever said...

Andy, Pity I can't make it down to support your attempt as I'm on LAMM duty. Good luck and I'll check in see how its gone. Matt

AndyJ said...

Cheers Matt, hope you have a good LAMM:)