Tuesday 24 May 2011


I feel guilty that I have not up dated the blog this month!
After a bad run at the beginning of May running from Honister to Wasdale and then starting Leg 4, I started tiring on Scoat Fell. By the time I hit Blacksail pass I called it a day and went round the foot of Kirk fell to join Mosses Trod back to Honister. Leaving Paul to complete the last past of Leg 4. It's the first time I had felt as tired as this when out running and I am guessing that the 120+ miles in 2 weeks over Easter and not actually resting since the beginning of January, that it had eventually caught up with me.
So I have continued running mid week with small runs on the weekend, and with Gaping Gill now upon us it was a fine balance between- some running, Been at Gaping Gill, and Resting my body to recover.

So I have one more planned run this weekend taking in legs 2 and 3 for Paul on his attempt of the round. Knowing that Paul is fit and ready for this I just hope the weather is kind for him.
For me it is my last big run before my own attempt and then I can taper down my running over the next two weeks and be ready for the 11Th June.

All the preparation for this is going well and now I more or less know where everyone is going to and what lifts are available and food stops etc.

The only hole i have ( and it's a small one!) is the last leg, Leg 5- the only confirmed runner so far is Paul and it would be nice if others join me to push me along the final stretch even if just for the road section.

Please contact me if you read this (don't know who's reading it!) if your interested or want to help on the last leg to the finish.

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Paul Aitken said...

Hi Andy

Another good blog (you blogger you)!! Chris will do leg 5 and I'll have a chat to Scott who you met at M's Mum's after Haweswater half. He's doing leg 5 with me so i'm sure he'll be keen to help you out too. Also I've got another man for leg 3, so all my holes are filled!! OOh ah

Cheers for the encouraging words - bring it on!!!