Tuesday 3 May 2011

Saturday 30th April

3 Peaks day

I met Ken and Matt in Horton at the event field. Ken was an official Sweeper for Whernside and Me and Matt were going to assist and also I could use this for some more miles and get to see the runners come through the checkpoint at Ribblehead.
We set off from the field 30 Min's before the race start via the Pennine way Bridleway. Once past Sell Gill we took the lower path to Birkwith and on the rest of the route to Ribble head. Once the last runner had past the 2:10 Min's cut off we followed them up to the very very windy summit of Whernside and back down to the Hill Inn check point. Once our job was over we could continue back to Horton via Ingleborough ( well Swine Tail) and the last descent and path back to Horton. We caught up and overtook several runners and met Rachel just below Sulber Nick taking some photos. We all continued back to the race finish to catch the last of the runners return. Thanks to Sadie for lots of brews at the camper van.

A good day out and around 20 miles of good running on a very dry circuit

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Paul Aitken said...

How do youth. Rach, Tom and i are working hard looking at your blog!!!

looks good as usual!!

See you sat for legs 4 and 5. I ran last night and am running with helm Hill for 1st time tonight, should be good!!