Wednesday 8 June 2011

Update for the Update !!

To see who's doing what and where read the last Blog which I have edited to update the definate's on the legs etc.

The training run finished with me running Leg 2 for Paul on his very successful Round. Setting off at Threlkeld at 04:15 in the morning, dawn had broken the rain had started and the winds were very High. Unfortunately Paul had lost 15 minutes on Leg 1 and then the second pacer with me dropped out before reaching the summit of Clough Head. So carrying on with even heavier bag, we fought the winds which were gusting around 70 mph knocking me off me feet twice climbing towards Lower Helvellyn. At times i felt i was in neutral with these winds. Navigation was very good to say the cloud was well down and I was glad to say we completed the Leg in 4 hours 3 minutes and gain back Paul's lost 15 Min's and increasing his lead by another 15 minutes. The worse bit for me was that I managed to pick up a bug from Gaping Gill and it knocked allot out of me.
I have managed some small runs locally just to keep the legs moving and I hope this cold will be out of my system enough for me to complete the round this weekend

Well done Paul in His 21 hour 24 minutes completion of the Bob G, I was glad to be a part of it- well done mate and see you at the Moot Hall on Friday night

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Paul Aitken said...

Hi Andy

I meant to comment last night but didn't get around to it!

I hope you're a relaxing but feeling psyched as well.

You're going to smash it, you've got the miles int legs, you've got a solid team around you, you know the legs. All you got to do is enjoy it and keep moving. can't wait to support you.

See you at the moot at midnight tomorrow.