Friday 4 April 2014

Hours before the Coast to Coast

Well I am as ready as I'll ever be. A good nights sleep was had and i'm just getting my kit and food together. In the kitchen making my own made flapjack.

Some of my Kit for 3 days and prepared for any weather

The planning as been long an fun

Sorting some sort of schedule and food stops etc

Around 22:00 tonight I will drive over to St Bees and on route stopping by Ulverston to collect my 'Open Tracker' unit kindly supplied by James Thurlow.
the great Harvey maps, 2 maps cover the whole route

Fortunately for me I have good friend Matt Davis running from the start probably as far as Patterdale. Matt is fantastic Ultra runner with a list as long as your arm of what he has achieved. This year he was 2nd place in the brutal Spine race, and in the past he as made the top 50 finishers in the UTM. So having is experience at the start will be great for me and along with his banter will be a great start what ever the Weather

Once I arrive at the highest point of the Coast to Coast I will meet Scott Newburn on top of Kidsty Pike to run with me to the finish of day 1 Shap, this is Scotts home territory so will be great to have him along my side. He also he did  a great job on my Bob Graham on leg 1.

Scott is going to accompany me on the start of day 2 to as far as Kirby Stephen where he will have done a great job getting me through the dark section. I will be once again joined by Matt Davis to continue with onto Keld. Once we get to Keld Ken Robinson will join us. I have run with Ken for years and he also ran on my Bob Graham leg 3. It will be good to have him along to the finish of day 2.

Day 3 sees good friend Owen Mills joining me at the start and then swapping alternate legs with John Wootton and Mark Rowley all taking it turns and joining me on the last day along with Mark Lampard and Michelle Reason. Mark Rowley is another good friend that I run regular with,  and another of my Bob Graham team running my Leg 2 with me.

I am sure there will be others joining me here and there so will be great to have them along on route.

None of this would be possible with out my support and there she is again Rachel from the start to the finish not only sorting me out with food , drink and kit, but whizzing along on here mountain bike and meeting me at different parts of the route. She will also be armed with cameras too and hopefully will get chance to catch up on sleep too. John and Diane Burton will be helping on Day1. Marcia will be helping with nice comfy accommodation on Saturday night (Paul as poor excuse he can't be there running as he is away skiing).

Day 2 Sadie will be joining us to the finish along with Paul Smith for most of day 2 along with other UWFRA/ WRCPC members.

Day 3 will be split with all the runners and Rachel doing a stirling job pushing me to the end.

SO nothing else really to report other than when I finish there will be a full write up of the run along with how well foods and different drinks did and of course how well the kit performs.

watch this space:)
2 great Harvey Maps cover the entire route

From West to East approx. 185 miles

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