Wednesday 11 January 2012

December 30th 2011- Kentmere Horseshoe

A good way to end the years running and no better than running with Paul. The weather was a bit damp and it was fine rain when we left the car at the Church in Kentmere. Once at the top of Garburn pass we noticed some light snow on the ground. As we climbed up the path towards Yoke the ground turned more snowy until we were in a few inches of snow and the rain had turned from sleet to full on snow. The next section was quite slippy especially on the down hills. We passed lll Bell and Foswick and then decided to contour round towards because of the worsening conditions towards Mardale lll Bell. This was interesting as we passed some deep filled gulley's that couldn't always hold your weight. Here the snow turned to sleet and hail and the wind made running painful and cold. We stopped briefly at the shelter at Nan Bield pass before climbing up towards the summit of Harter Fell before contouring round and making fast progress to Kentmere Pike and the very fast run down to Hallow Bank. the snow had gone and the terrain was now very wet rock and grass. It was a good end to the year and not so good conditions and to be back to the car in under 3 hours in the conditions was great and it was good for me and Paul to reflect from the years running and us both Successfully completing the Bob Graham Challenge on our first attempts.

Top year Paul looking forward to 2012

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