Saturday 23 April 2011

Friday 22nd April- The so call rest week!

After last Sundays double leg I said I was going to rest!

Mid- week whilst relaxing in the langdales; enjoying the the hot weather, i had a quick run up Pike Of Blisco. This was really to break in my new Inov8's and test the radios I was thinking of using on my BG round to communicate from Broad Stand down to the Wasdale stop crew.
Well the shoes were nice and comfy, summited in 34 Min's and down again in a total of 49 Min's from start to finish...(legs still tired). The radios worked fine except for my battery died.

Then on Friday I decided to run from Honister down to top end of Ennerdale and up the black sail pass to try another way of ascending Kirk fell and then back on the last part of leg 4 and then straight on to Leg 5.

Thanks to Rachel who dropped me off at Honister, then she was going to Little Town and come up the Catbells/ High Spy ridge and eventually meet me on Dale head and continue with me on the last part of leg 5.

Weather was good again, hot sun but with quite a strong wind which had a bit of a bite to it on the tops.
The first part of the run was OK, but I can say that my legs were tired as I was slow and found it hard work ascending Black Sail Pass. This time on ascending Kirk fell I followed the old metal fence posts up the main ridge which led me straight to the summit. This was by far the best way up Kirk fell I have done out of the three times on my Recce's.

Onwards and I was soon ascending on to Great Gable to join the masses, so I didn't hang around, had some pizza and onwards to Green Gable, Brandreth, and Grey Knotts and the descent down to the Honister mines car park. I carried on with the long but steady ascent on to Dale Head to meet Rachel sunning herself on the summit waiting for me. It was good to be joined by Rachel on one of my runs as the last time was when we did the OMM last October.

I ran on to Hindscarth as I wanted to find the direct path from the summit to Littledale edge. How did I missed this last time I ran this leg...!! A well defined path and once down I caught Rachel up on the final ascent to Robinson. The next part of this Recce was to find the path that leads down to Scope beck off the ridge. This was located after the final craggy descent and is marked by a tree. An easy descent with good steps cut out by the hoards of runners that have used this route and the path at the bottom is good going all the way to High Snab and join the tarmac road. Rachel had parked the car just before Little Town.

A good day, but I really need to rest my legs ready for next weekend. 14 miles and 6000 feet of ascent- not bad for a rest day. But I tied up some loose ends, locating a good path up Kirk fell, the route off Hindscarth, and the path down to Scope beck off Robinson.

Rachel's addition:
I decided to get my head out of the study books while the weather was nice (a first for our 2weeks easter hols) and go for a little trot myself...(first time since the OMM in Oct, oops). I planned to go from the car near Little Town and head up the bridleway to the ridge between Catbells and Maiden Moor. It was a warm day but the gentle cooling breeze was welcome. I plodded on up towards High Spy after some photo and pizza stops; getting there in just under an hour an half. I then ran furiously down to Dalehead Tarn in about 3minutes and up to the summit of Dale head in a further 30minutes (i struggled with knackered legs) where i decided to sun myself waiting for Andy. Together, as you've read we did the final bit of leg 5 of the BGR and it was lovely to be out on the fell again with Andy again and to be out in general athough i was tired and sporting evil blister. Run down was gentle but i began getting a knee Great day out.

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