Sunday 7 April 2013

Another day out in lakes

6th April 2013- Dunmail to Ambleside

After a late start doing other stuff, and wanting to take advantage of some more great weather I decided to run from Dunmail Raise to Ambleside. Thanks once again for Rachel dropping me off at Dunmail by the Achille Ratti Hut. Running up towards the start of the Seat Sandal path. It didn't take me long to be in the snow, the surface was getting quite slushy, but there was no need for crampons.
In the snow climbing up Seat Sandal

One the steep bit was over I looked up to see the sky scattered with paragliders which had obviously got very good thermals been very high above me. I could here the distinct, distant sound of a Seaking helicopter which flew right passed me. Soon I was on thew summit of Seat Sandal and the views of the western lakes was stunning.
Nice view of the Western Lakes, near Seat Sandal summit

A nice descent on snow from Seat Sandal down to Grisedale Hause. A good dump of snow was waiting for me on the ascent up onto Fairfield, but again there was enough grip in my fell shoes to climb up with no problems and the summit of Fairfield was soon reached. The panoramic views were stunning, the day wasn't disappointing. There was a definite feel of heat in the sun, I had managed up to 873 meters without putting jacket or gloves on.
Grisedale Tarn with Fairfield to the right

Running off Fairfield was good going in the well trodden snow and soon I was dropping down Link Hause before ascending up on to Hart Crag passing an impressive cornice.
Looking towards Hart Crag

Hart Crag was soon passed and there were lots of walkers about in this area, passing many small groups the snow was good running all way to Dove Crag.
Western lakes with Fairfield and Great Rigg in the foreground

This marked the start of a great descent down to Ambleside, One I have not done before. Just over 5km of good running and it was noted that the ground was starting to soften up at lower levels and the ground was wetter and muddier in places. Soon I was down in Ambleside and back at the University of Cumbria's car park.
Fine descent to Ambleside from Dove Crag

A great day out, it definitely felt more like spring today, at last, Legs were a little tired with only 12.8 km distance and 906 meters of ascent. A quick look round Ambleside and of course coffee at Costa and oh yes managed to pick up some Salomon XA 3D Ultra 2 form £69 from Field n Trek. Well pleased with that price and they should be my shoe of choice for the UTMB.

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