Monday 28 February 2011

Story so far

IN Brief....
The hard training started in January 2011 after putting the Bob G off last year and concentrated on doing longer runs and competing in the OMM with Rachel.
So far I have managed to keep above 30 miles a week off road running. This as included running legs- Threlkeld to Dunmail, Dunmail to Honister( missing out Yewbarrow to Gable). Thanks to Rachel for the Taxi service picking myself, Chris and Paul up from Honister:)
Last week I took advantage of half term and myself and Paul Aitken battled the elements, The Kentmere horse shoe including High Street down to Haweswater and back up Harterfell on to the horse shoe. We battled low cloud, ankle to knee deep snow and 60mph Gusts. A good 4 hour run.
A few days later I completed a nice loop starting from Pooley Bridge taking the ridge on to High Street ( all the snow had buggered off!!) continuing on wards and down towards Brothers water and over ridges and valleys back on to the ridge back to Pooley bridge. A lonely 7 hours run on the fells, a nice 27 mile run- still running quicker than Bob G pace, need to slow down especially on my descents.

So a brief in sight into what happening this year so far ( lots of other runs in lakes and dales, 6 hours plus is the norm now)

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Anonymous said...

Were all looking forward to helping you complete your Bob Graham Round this year Andy. Know its been a dream for many years, this years the year. You got many people willing to help you complete it both on the fells and on your much needed refreshment stops. Your training hard both with others and alone. Keep at it and i'm proud of you.